The 2015 Norwegian Coffee Championships


Five new champions were crowned yesterday. The best of the competitive coffee professionals in Norway gathered at Foodtech in Oslo the last three days to vie for the judges’ favour. There was a mix of veteran and new competitors this year, including most of last years’ champions. The new champions will go to either Seattle or Gothenburg to compete in the world championships later this year. More »

From the Archives
Your Favourite Coffee Memory: Olav Løkken Reisop, Norway

Our fourth winner is Olav Løkken Reisop of Oslo, who won a Wilfa Malt grinder. Olav is a published author, and his favourite coffee memory is a very evocative story of how he came around to enjoying coffee, a journey we’re sure many of you have also taken. More »

Learning from the Best: The Barista Hustle


The last ten years have seen fantastic improvements in our collective understanding of coffee — not just in brewing, but every part of the chain, from the moment a coffee tree is planted. While there is still much work to be done across the entire industry, it has never been easier for a single person — professional or not — to build a solid, comprehensive understanding of coffee. Unfortunately, a lot of the information available out there is only available piecemeal, couched in very technical jargon or otherwise not as easily available as it should be. This is where Matt Perger and his Barista Hustle comes in. More »

A Film About Coffee


If you have an interest in specialty coffee or enjoy documentaries, you should watch this film. Intended by its director, Brandon Loper, to be a “love letter to, and meditation on, specialty coffee”, A Film About Coffee accomplishes this through letting the people and places in it speak for themselves. More »

Maxed Out: A Closer Look at Coffee Consumption in Finland


The statistics are presented at every opportunity: Finns are the people with the highest consumption of coffee in the world, at 12 kilos per person per year. But those are averages, and those don’t necessarily tell the real story of who’s drinking what.

Inspired by this recent article from the Washington Post, detailing the spread in the alcohol consumption of the American populace (long story short: 30% don’t drink at all; the top 10% consume fully half of the alcohol(!)), it would be interesting to see whether any statistics like these existed for coffee. After all, the history of coffee in the Nordic countries closely mirrors that of alcohol. More »

What American Users of the Wilfa Precision are Saying

Wilfa Svart Precision

The Wilfa Precision has been available in North America through Williams-Sonoma since August this year, and the reception has been fantastic! Here’s some of what users have been saying. More »