About the Nordic Coffee Culture Blog

About the Nordic Coffee Culture Blog

By Chris Kolbu

In the Nordic countries we love our filter coffee and we prefer to drink it black. The coffee maker is the first thing we turn on when we get out of bed and the last thing to be turned off when visitors have left. Coffee helps us to think clearly, and my first experience of coffee was during my studies, especially around the time of my exams. Coffee can be enjoyed in solitude and on all social occasions; with new acquaintances, friends and family alike. As a rule, the conversation doesn’t really start flowing before we’ve had a few sips.

Wilfa has been a proud part of this culture for decades. Black filter coffee runs in our veins. We have participated in millions of Nordic coffee moments, something we are proud of. This has led us to ponder why filter coffee no longer has the status it deserves. People have been charmed by the continental coffee culture that has swept across the country — with its espresso machines, flavoured syrups and milk containers on the side. The filter coffee maker, the original source of real, pure coffee, no longer receives the same attention. Many people take it for granted, it is just there and does its job, so to speak. And even if we never stopped drinking it and most people still get their daily coffee from a filter coffee machine, there are few people left who associate it with exquisite taste, quality and nuances. Most people make coffee by sight and many cannot remember the last time they cleaned their coffee maker.

That time has come to an end.

Filter coffee has always maintained a high status among coffee experts and enthusiasts: And at Wilfa we intend, once and for all, to prove that this is the real way of making and enjoying coffee. We are going to celebrate and promote the Nordic coffee culture and show the entire world how proud we are of it. But we must make sure we do it right. The future in coffee will be SVART. Stay tuned for more information.

First and foremost, this blog is dedicated to Nordic coffee culture and black filter coffee. Everyone is welcome to participate and comment on entries.

Arild Jorgensen
Product Director – Wilfa AS

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