Birdwatching at Oslo

Birdwatching at Oslo’s Legendary Coffee Bar Java

By Chris Kolbu

Hot on the heels of the improbable success of its particular brand of slow TV, featuring veritable adrenaline rushes like real-time train rides and boat trips, not to mention live knitting, the Norwegian state channel, NRK, has launched the evocatively titled Piip-Show. There, you can sit and watch as birds stop by a facsimile of Oslo’s Java coffee bar to enjoy a seed or two.

Photo credit: Andreas Grimsæth, NRK

The brainchild of illustrator and model maker Lars Aurtande and photographer Magne Klann—presumably regulars at the regular-sized Java—Piip-show is an adorable addition to the coffee scene in Norway. So stop by the live stream and relax for a few moments, keeping an eye out for the usual—unusual—suspects.


One can’t help but wonder if they didn’t pass up the perfect pun by not going with another Oslo landmark, Fuglen (“The Bird”).

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