Coffee at TEDxOslo

Coffee at TEDxOslo

By Chris Kolbu

On Wednesday October 24th, Oslo saw its second TEDx event. TEDx, small, self-organised versions of the large international TED conference, are events devoted to ideas that are worth spreading. This years’ theme was Corporate Rebels. Together with Food Studio, a Norwegian company that puts on fascinating culinary events and dinners, Tim Wendelboe and Wilfa were responsible for the coffee at the event.

Tim Wendelboe brought Tekangu, a lovely Kenyan coffee from a cooperative that produces consistently excellent coffee. For their fifth anniversary, Tim Wendelboe raised money for the cooperative to buy new raised drying tables (for the green coffee after harvest), in an effort to further improve on the quality of the coffee.

The coffee was all brewed on Wilfa’s upcoming filter coffee brewer, the Svart Presisjon (Norwegian for precision). As TEDxOslo had almost 400 attendees, it was a large small-scale operation, with ten of the brewers lined up side by side on the counter, brewing almost non-stop the entire day.

Food Studio had seasonal aroma apples from three distinct orchards in the Oslo area, as well as pastries and nuts.

The event went off without a hitch, the coffee was excellent, and people were pleased. On average, each attendee had two full cups of coffee!

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