Competition: Instagram Your Mug!

Competition: Instagram Your Mug!

By Chris Kolbu

A coffee cup can tell a lot about the person using it. Do you prefer a thick porcelain cup so you can sip on your coffee all morning? Or do you let the world know something about you through the text or images on it? Are you using your grandmothers old porcelain in rememberance of her? Or do you get down to brass tacks and functionality with a lidded, double-walled travel cup?

From today through the 15th of January, 2013 — or until 400 cups have been instagrammed — Wilfa and NCC are holding a competition for the best coffee mug. Five winners will be chosen, all of whom will receive a Wilfa Svart Manuell and 750 grams of fantastic coffee.

You’re probably having a cup of coffee as you read this, so what are you waiting for—get out your phone, take a photo and tag it with #mymugncc, and share your mug with the world!

Kaffekopp #ellagården

If you want to have a look at the cups that have been posted with the tag #mymugncc, click here.

Only entries from inhabitants of either of the Nordic countries will be eligible for the prizes. Sorry.

The second photo is used with permission from Petter Pallander

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