Djäkne Kaffebar, Malmö

Djäkne Kaffebar, Malmö

By Chris Kolbu

Since starting up in mid-2011, Djäkne coffee bar, a self-professed “entrepreneurs café”, has been busy serving the people of Malmö great coffee from all around the Nordic countries. It has become a fantastic place to explore coffees.

The entire coffee shop, including the bar and all the furniture, has been built by local carpenters. Founder Magnus Wide wanted a place that could both be well known for its specialty coffee and as a local nexus for entrepreneurs, where they can meet, work and have coffee, or just have a cup of coffee and a friendly conversation with one of the baristas.

Coffee at Djäkne is brewed on a V60 pourover brew bar. There’s different coffee from local — Nordic — roasters every week: Tim Wendelboe, The Coffee Collective, Love Coffee, Koppi, Lilla Kafferosteriet, Solde, Stockholm Roast, da Matteo, and Åre Kafferosteri. In other words, a range of different coffees rarely seen in one place.

The people at Djäkne love the fact that through them, people discover new coffees and coffee shops.

If you’re close to Malmö, Djäkne also has a mobile application where you can order coffee for yourself. There’s a discount for every purchase, and a line of credit for businesses.

For more information about Djäkne, check out their blog

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