Dromedar, Trondheim

Dromedar, Trondheim

By Chris Kolbu

Since 1997, Dromedar has been serving the people of Trondheim, Norway’s third largest city. Originally established by Preben Osterhoof and Andreas Hertzberg as a means to create their own workplace, it has since grown in both size and ambition. Today, Dromedar has six coffee shops. Two are outside Trondheim,; one in Jessheim, outside of Oslo; one in Bergen, Norway’s second largest city; and the most recent, in Kristiansund on the east coast of Norway.

“After the Barista Championships were established in 1998, our ambition was focused on becoming one of the leading coffee shop chains in Norway” says Preben, who won the 1999 Norwegian Barista Championship. Since then, Dromedar baristas have won several championships: Halvard Amble, the 2006 Barista Championship; Arne Risø Nilsen, the 2009 Latte Art Championship; Idar Ellingsen, the 2011 Cup Tasting Championship.

Dromedar’s coffee comes from Solberg & Hansen, Norway’s largest specialty coffee roaster (where Dromedar co-founder Andreas Hertzberg is now managing director). While not roasting themselves, Dromedar do have coffee lots roasted exclusively for them by S&H, specifically the Bella Vista coffee from the Brazilian Serra do Salado farm.

Black coffee is prepared using batch filter brewers, though they have started using the Aeropress lately.

“We feel a great deal of respect and humility knowing how much work goes into actually getting the coffee to our shops. We see our mission as preparing and advocating the quality and craft of this coffee to all our customers” says Preben. Within Dromedar, there is great emphasis on knowledge, craft and communication.

To Preben, Nordic Coffee Culture is found in the quality of the coffee sourced as well as a focus on filter brewing.

Visit Dromedar at www.dromedar.no

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