Estate Coffee, Copenhagen

Estate Coffee, Copenhagen

By Chris Kolbu

As one of the most senior specialty coffee shops in Copenhagen, Estate Coffee was at the forefront of the specialty coffee movement, helping spur on quality development in the capital. Today, Estate, based in the heart of the city, still maintains a strong presence and focus on quality.

The Estate Coffee shop was opened in 2000 by Søren Sylvest, who is still involved as a co-owner. He wanted a platform to explore coffee and “the art of coffee brewing (…) with help from a fantastic team of baristas.” Today, their mission is to serve excellent coffee to everyone.

Coffee at Estate

In 2005, Estate Coffee opened its own micro coffee roastery, Copenhagen Roaster, in Valby Copenhagen. It too was founded by Søren Sylvest, as well as Claus Meyer. Coffee is roasted daily on Probat and Loring Kestrell roasters. In 2010, their roast master Mads Høgsted won the Danish cup tasting championship.

Most of our coffees are the result of Direct Trade partnership with the coffee farms and cooperatives in the above-mentioned countries. Good coffee starts with good ethics. Estate Coffee was among the first in Denmark to achieve the Direct Trade certification. We believe in Direct Trade because it allows us to remove the middlemen and instead have a good and close relationship with the coffee farmers with a shared mission and desire to make excellent coffee. We agree upon a fair price with the coffee producer that correspond to the quality and is always 25% above the Fair Trade minimum price. We visit all of our partner coffee producers each year to insure the best relationship and to continue to work on developing the quality of the coffee.

At Estate Coffee we consider coffee a collaboration between the farmer, the roaster and the brewer.

blackcoffeeEstate Coffees come from plantations in Costa Rica, Brazil, Kenya, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Bolivia. As of today, they have 12 Direct Trade Coffees, of which 10 are also Single Estate coffees.

Black coffee at Estate is served as either V60 or Aeropress. A variety of their coffee selection is offered on a daily basis—a perk of having a roastery of your own nearby!

To the people at Estate Coffee, Nordic coffee culture is characterised by its lighter roast and the belief that “every problem and situation can be fixed or solved over a cup of coffee.”

For more information, follow them on twitter at @estatecoffee, or visit their website at

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