Favorite Nordic Coffee Bars

Here are some of the best coffee bars in the Nordic countries, separated by country:

Norwegian coffee bars


Kaffebrenneriet, Oslo

Kaffebrenneriet (‘The Coffee Roastery’) is Oslo’s longest-running chain of coffee shops. Since opening their first shop in 1994, a stripped […]


Supreme Roastworks, Oslo

At the start of 2013, Joar and Magnus, the accomplished coffee roasters behind Oslo micro roastery Supreme Roastworks finally opened […]


JACU, Ålesund

Originally opened in early 2011 as a small place to do a bit of coffee research, JACU—named for a bird […]

Cuba Life, Kristiansand #1

Cuba Life, Kristiansand

Initially opened as a store specialising in Cuban products, Cuba Life, now helmed by Steinar Svenning, has since 2008 turned […]

Mean Bean, Kristiansand #1

Mean Bean, Kristiansand

Mean Bean is the second venture of the duo behind Cuba Life, led by Steinar Svenning. Since opening in May […]

Det Lille Kaffekompaniet, Bergen

Det Lille Kaffekompaniet, Bergen

Opened in 1996, Det Lille Kaffekompaniet (The Little Coffee Company; DLK) was opened by four students at the local university […]

Mocca & Java 1

Java & Mocca, Oslo

Owned and operated by 2000 WBC champion Robert W. Thoresen and supplied by his roastery Kaffa, the two coffee shops, […]


Liebling, Oslo

Liebling is not like any other café in Oslo. Tucked away in Grünerløkka, it manages to be eclectic, quirky and […]

Stockfleths Oslo City

Stockfleths, Oslo

While founded in 1895, it was only in the 1990s that Stockfleths was transformed into a modern coffee shop. Since […]

Dromedar Exterior

Dromedar, Trondheim

Since 1997, Dromedar has been serving the people of Trondheim, Norway’s third largest city. Originally established by Preben Osterhoof and […]

Fuglen #1

Fuglen, Oslo

“The Bird”, as it is known internationally, is a novel concept executed with considerable skill. Having served coffee continuously since […]


Tim Wendelboe, Oslo

Tim Wendelboe is the self-titled coffee shop, micro roastery and training centre of Tim Wendelboe, the 2004 World Barista Champion […]


Coffeeberry, Sandnes

Coffeeberry, previously called Benk, is a small coffee shop run by the husband and wife team of Hanne and Thomas […]

Swedish coffee bars

Djäkne kaffebar

Djäkne Kaffebar, Malmö

Since starting up in mid-2011, Djäkne coffee bar, a self-professed “entrepreneurs café”, has been busy serving the people of Malmö […]

Photo taken by Anders Valde

Koppi, Helsingborg

For nearly four years, Anne and Charles of Koppi have been roasting and serving coffee to the people of Helsingborg, […]

Da Matteo

da Matteo, Gothenburg

The first da Matteo coffee shop opened in Viktoriapassagen, Gothenborg in August of 1995. At the time, it was an […]

Photo by Alexander Ruas

Drop Coffee, Stockholm

In August 2009, Oskar Alvérus and Erik Rosendahl opened Drop Coffee together. Up until that moment, Oskar ran a small […]

Johan & Nyström Koncept #2

Johan & Nyström Koncept, Stockholm

Johan & Nyström’s Concept store in Stockholm is not only a coffee shop. Opened in April 2009, it aims to […]

Danish coffee bars

Estate Coffee Exterior

Estate Coffee, Copenhagen

As one of the most senior specialty coffee shops in Copenhagen, Estate Coffee was at the forefront of the specialty […]

Democratic Coffee, CPH

Democratic Coffee, Copenhagen

While visiting Copenhagen, there are several places to have great coffee and try a delightful sampling of Scandinavia’s finest roasters. […]

Sigfreds Kaffebar

Sigfreds Kaffebar, Aarhus

Having been voted the best coffee bars in Aarhus every year since 2007, Thomas Sigfred’s self-titled coffee shops are a […]

Kent Kaffe Laboratorium

Kent Kaffe Laboratorium, Copenhagen

Kent Kaffe Laboratorium (The Kent Coffee Lab) opened in February 2011. It is an all-organic coffee shop focused primarily on […]

The Coffee Collective #2

The Coffee Collective, Copenhagen

The Coffee Collective was started four years ago, in the summer of 2007. At the time, they were only a […]

Finnish coffee bars

Helsinki Coffee Roasters Cover

Helsinki Coffee Roastery, Helsinki

Helsingin Kahvipaahtimo — Helsinki Coffee Roastery, as it translates from Finnish, has a very unique atmosphere. The old garage space […]

Fratello Torrefazione

Fratello Torrefazione, Helsinki

Two years after setting up his first cafe, the very popular La Torrefazione, Jens Hampf opened his second cafe Fratello […]

Good Life Coffee, Helsinki

Good Life Coffee, Helsinki

Things are happening in Kallio, an up-and-coming district in Helsinki that was previously more of a working class area known […]

Café Art #2

Café Art, Turku

Located in the small town of Turku, a few hours west of Helsinki, is one of the oldest and busiest […]

Johan & Nyström, Helsinki

Johan & Nyström Koncept, Helsinki

Making its first foray in another country, this is the flagship store of Swedish company J&N in Finland. Based in […]

La Torrefazione, Helsinki

La Torrefazione, Helsinki

La Torrefazione is a café and roastery established by Jens Hampf, together with the owners of Helsinki based roaster Kaffa […]

Photo by Kalle Freese

Kaffa Roastery, Helsinki

Svante Hampf and Benjamin Andberg initially planned to start up a chain of coffee shops. However, they quickly realized that […]

Kahvila Sävy #2

Kahvila Sävy, Helsinki

Kahvila Sävy is a small coffee shop owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Kaisa and Mikko […]

Icelandic coffee bars

Kaffi Pallett

Pálmar Þór Hlöðversson and Pallett Kaffikompaní, Hafnafjörður

Located in a new building in the old part of the town, a building that still hasn’t been fully utilized, […]

Kaffitár, Reykjavik #2

Kaffitár, Reykjavik

Established in 1990, Kaffitár has grown to become the dominant force in Icelandic specialty coffee. With a roastery and 8 […]

Kaffismidja #1

Kaffismiðja Íslands, Reykjavik

Kaffismiðja Íslands is a boutique roastery and coffee shop located in a residential area of Reykjavik. Established in 2008 by […]