Fratello Torrefazione, Helsinki

Fratello Torrefazione, Helsinki

By Kalle Freese

Two years after setting up his first cafe, the very popular La Torrefazione, Jens Hampf opened his second cafe Fratello Torrefazione in the newly renovated Kluuvi shopping centre in central Helsinki. The concept is similar: great coffee, Italian-inspired lunch, sandwiches, pastries, wine and beer.

La Torrefazione is Italian for a coffee roaster, giving the impression of in-house roasted coffee. That is almost the case — coffees, both espresso and filter, are supplied by Kaffa Roastery which is owned by Jens’ brother Svante Hampf. Although Kaffa is based in the Punavuori area of Helsinki some of its coffees are roasted in La Torre’s 5kg Turkish-made Toper, justifying the name.

La Torre’s Fratello, literally Italian for a brother, serves filter coffee brewed on a Fetco batch brewer for the hurried and thirsty but the real speciality here is the Japanese style syphon bar, first of its kind in Finland. Fully stocked with halogen burners and syphons manufactured by Japanese glass manufacturer Hario, you’ll be in good hands with Fratello’s barista Noora Kahila, 2012 Finnish Brewers Cup winner. For her the competition was like another day at work, using three syphons and Kaffa’s Guatemalan Hunapu to brew the winning beverage.

Dark wood, glass and graffiti – Fratello isn’t exactly like the typical cafe in Helsinki. Another thing setting Fratello apart from mainstream cafes is the warm hospitality. Hampf has managed to find a great team of baristas to cheer up any white collar workers’ from nearby offices on their lunchtime, not to mention University students enduring one more lecture in next door auditoriums.

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