JACU, Ålesund

JACU, Ålesund

By Chris Kolbu

Originally opened in early 2011 as a small place to do a bit of coffee research, JACU—named for a bird that eats coffee cherries—has, through collaboration with its growing customer base, turned into a fully fledged coffee shop and roastery.

The people behind JACU are Oliver Hanken, Anne Birte Hanken and Gunnar Lillevold, whose families have worked with coffee and tea. The trio also has experience from abroad and have brought back a lot of influences to JACU.

They roast daily, on a Giesen W1 and W15, serving coffee shops and restaurants in Ålesund and other parts of Norway, and are in the process of expanding a nascent mail ordering system. In keeping with the Nordic style, the roast level at JACU is quite light.. Coffee is sourced through many avenues, with Ethiopia being a particular focus country. JACU also has interesting stuff happening from Collaborative Coffee Source and Nordic Approach.

We had a customer come into the roastery, browse the shelves for a while and remark “Oh wow, all Ethiopians!” It was purely coincidence, but does say a lot about what’s been catching our eye (or palate) these days! Kenya is also a favourite, and we’ve got a wonderful Honduran coming out around Christmas.

Black coffee at JACU is served at a custom brew bar. There’s V60 pour overs, Chemex brews and Aeropresses regularly, as well as occasional french press and syphons. There is a lot of interaction with customers at the brew bar, and they welcome new methods to try!

To read more about JACU, check out their facebook page. You can also follow them on twitter @JacuCoffee.

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