Johan & Nyström Koncept, Helsinki

Johan & Nyström Koncept, Helsinki

By Chris Kolbu

Making its first foray in another country, this is the flagship store of Swedish company J&N in Finland. Based in an elaborately designed space right on the water, they focus on showcasing their line of coffees to the Finns.

Continuing their philosophy from Sweden (read more about the Stockholm store here), the Helsinki flagship store is meant to be a base for their operations in Finland.

The bar is well-staffed, and coffees are available from both the Aeropress and the Hario V60. In addition to their coffee, they also sell machines and other equipment.

“We wanted the customer to be brought closer to the wonderful world of coffee, feel the handicraft behind it on every level, from green to freshly brewed. And also to show how a professional Barista can work magic when it comes to bringing the product not only to the palate, but also to the heart of people”, says Johan Ekfeldt, who works with J&N.

To Johan & Nyström, Nordic Coffee Culture is primarily expressed in the ative social role coffee plays.

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