Johan & Nyström Koncept, Stockholm

Johan & Nyström Koncept, Stockholm

By Chris Kolbu

Johan & Nyström’s Concept store in Stockholm is not only a coffee shop. Opened in April 2009, it aims to be a showcase for the coffees of the Johan & Nyström roastery, as well as an educational centre for people who want to learn more about coffee. Their mission is “to bring good coffee to the people. To reach beyond the ‘nerd-gang’, and seriously change the way people feel about coffee. This we do by educating, sharing and roasting super coffees”.

The store even staffs two full time educators, to hold courses and the daily, themed cuppings anyone can attend at 15:00.

“We wanted the customer to be brought closer to the wonderful world of coffee, feel the handicraft behind it on every level, from green to freshly brewed. And also to show how a professional Barista can work magic when it comes to bringing the product not only to the palate, but also to the heart of people”, says Johan Ekfeldt, who works at the store.

Every year around two baristas compete in the Swedish Barista Championship. Last year, one of them won, and the other placed just behind, in second place. This year, in 2011, one of them placed fourth. To the Johan & Nyström crew, it’s not about winning however: “competing and daring to put oneself to the test is what is most important. We are not a very competitive company.”

In July, after having rebuilt the store, they will feature three different brewing stations, each using a different method: their current main method of brewing, Aeropress, as well as Syphon and Pour Over. If that wasn’t enough, they also do specials every Sunday, where they turn off the espresso machine and only offer black coffee.

They rotate their coffees constantly, and feature J&N coffees from both the main roastery in Tullinge, as well as coffee roasted on the 5 kilo Probat they have inside the store.

To Johan & Nyström, Nordic Coffee Culture is primarily expressed in the ative social role coffee plays.

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