Kaffa Roastery, Helsinki

Kaffa Roastery, Helsinki

By Chris Kolbu

Svante Hampf and Benjamin Andberg initially planned to start up a chain of coffee shops. However, they quickly realized that what Helsinki really needed was more good, high quality coffee, not more coffee shops. In January of 2010, they moved their roastery to Helsinki and included a coffee bar.

Roasting for customers in Helsinki and Finland, Kaffa have a simple philosophy: Why drink bad coffee when you could be drinking good coffee? “We are not saying that everybody should drink freshly roasted quality coffee just because we say it tastes better – we are pretty sure that drinking good coffee actually makes you happier and makes the sun shine a little brighter”, says Svante Hampf. Kaffa support the “Coffee Kids” charity by donating 0,50 USD for every kilo of coffee sold.

Photo by Kalle FreeseKaffa mainly uses the Hario V60 for its black coffee. The coffees are rotated on a daily basis, and if it’s not too busy, anything is available on request. Syphon, Aeropress and Woodneck are also used for brewing black coffee.

The Kaffa team are also active in the annual coffee competitions: Benjamin Andberg, roaster and co-founder, won the Finnish Cup Tasting Championship in 2010, and placed second this year. Barista Lauri Pipinen won the Finnish Barista Championships and recently represented Finland in this year’s World Barista Championship in Bogotá, Colombia. He placed 38th.

To Svante, Nordic coffee culture is “all about socializing – having a cup of coffee and a bun or pastry with friends.” In his opinion, Nordic coffee is characterized by “clean and somewhat light tastes” as well as a high level of quality: “coffees roasted by the big companies are better […] than anywhere else. That’s why we think that there’s a great potential for superb, freshly roasted coffees in the North.”

Visit Kaffa Roastery at www.kaffaroastery.fi

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