My name is Kalle Freese and I’ve been working with coffee for about two and a half years now. I first became interested in coffee when living in New Zealand. Jumping into the vibrant café scene I understood that coffee can be so much more than just a drink – a culinary experience just like a good wine.

After a half-day barista course there was no way back. That’s when I started dreaming about coffee. I began hanging around at Kaffa, a micro-roastery, and helping for coffee pay – a few bags for a day’s work. That didn’t really matter, though. All I wanted to do was to be around coffee – watch, listen, smell, ask and taste.

When Kaffa moved to a new location in Helsinki I was hired as a barista in their coffee bar next to the roastery (this time they even paid me). Working with freshly roasted speciality was all I wanted to do then. But after a while I started thinking that I could learn even more somewhere else. Last summer I went to Stockholm for a while to work at Johan & Nyström, roastery that’s somewhere between the small ones and the big ones.

The coffee scene in Stockholm is young but vibrant and full of passionate people. Above all, they all seem to appreciate everybody else’s work for better coffee. That’s something I really like about the speciality coffee scene, the community feeling.

Great coffee is life’s most affordable luxury. It’s cheaper than wine (and can be consumed in daytime, too) and somewhat easily approachable. Most of all, freshly roasted, high-quality coffee is amazingly delicious, incredibly exciting and easy to brew at home. That’s what I want to make people understand – to drink good coffee instead of bad.

I call it a crusade for better coffee.

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