Kent Kaffe Laboratorium, Copenhagen

Kent Kaffe Laboratorium, Copenhagen

By Chris Kolbu

Kent Kaffe Laboratorium (The Kent Coffee Lab) opened in February 2011. It is an all-organic coffee shop focused primarily on brewing black coffee. Their aim is, as the name implies, to create a laboratory for the exploration of black coffee.

The coffee laboratory was established by Kent Nielsen, who since 2007 has owned and operated the Kent Kaffe roastery on the island of Fyn in Denmark. Together with reigning Danish cup tasting champion Samuli Marila, the two run the shop in Copenhagen. In addition to the roastery on Fyn, the shop also has its own Dietrich roaster dedicated to roasting smaller batches for the bar. Earlier this year – 2012 – the store was taken over by Eric Herskind, who is now running it in the same spirit.

Black coffee is brewed using a wide range of methods: Aeropress, Hario V60, Syphon pots and the Bunn Trifecta (a new Clover-like one-cup brewer), in addition to the Hario water dripper for cold brews. Their entire line of coffees (currently 8 different ones) are available brewed using all brewing methods.

Kent Kaffe Laboratorium also cooperates with Hario, the Japanese glass and porcelainware company known for its coffee brewing devices.

The Kent Kaffe roastery sources most of its coffees from Central- and South America, and take care to only import fairtrade and organic coffees. The aim is to transition into direct trade with individual farmers some time in the future.

“We always aim is to give our costumers an excellent coffee experience through taste, knowledge and good service. We have done our job when a costumer walks out the door excited about having had a good cup of coffee, and he or she knows a little bit more about coffee than they did when they first came in. We often try to challenge our costumers to move away from espresso based milk drinks, and over to black brewed coffee. You could say that our mission is to ‘raise’ our costumers to open their eyes to specialty coffee in general and black brewed coffee in specific, instead of thinking of it as ‘just black coffee’. That being said, we give espresso and espresso based drinks a fair amount of attention as well to ensure that what ever comes across the bar is of the highest quality possible” – Kent Nielsen.

As Kent Nielsen sees it, Nordic Coffee Culture has been shaped both by our historical relationship with coffee as well as our current high standard of living: “People in the Nordic countries are among those who drink the most coffee in the world, and as coffee professionals in the Nordic countries we are lucky in the sense that the high standard of living makes people more willing to pay for luxury goods such as specialty coffee. That contributes to making specialty roasters able to buy some of the best coffees available, and the coffee bars able to put a lot of resources into training the staff so they will know how to get the most out of the coffee they are serving. Another thing about Nordic coffee culture is of course that roasters often strive for presenting the natural inherit qualities in the beans by using a lighter roast.”

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