Koppi, Helsingborg

Koppi, Helsingborg

By Chris Kolbu

For nearly four years, Anne and Charles of Koppi have been roasting and serving coffee to the people of Helsingborg, a small city in the southern part of Sweden, a stone’s throw away from Denmark. Koppi is a busy place with floor to ceiling windows that bathe the shop in light; the interior is white, spacious and welcoming.

Anne and Charles are both Swedish Barista Champions (2005 and 2006, respectively). In addition, they have both participated in the Nordic Barista Cup as part of the Swedish national team.Prior to establishing Koppi, Anne and Charles worked together, in Oslo at Java and Mocca, two of the best coffee bars in Norway. Since following their ambitions to open their own coffee bar and roastery, Koppi has focused on roasting and brewing, simply,  “some of the best coffee there is”, with a strong emphasis on maintaining close relationships to farmers and farms they buy coffee from.

Photograph taken by Anders Valde

Costa Rica and Panama are their current focus areas, and they are involved in direct trade with a number of farmers from each country. For Anne and Charles, a close, sustainable relationship to the people who grow the coffee they buy can do nothing but help improve every aspect of the business.

Black coffee is brewed using a variety of methods: a daily drip coffee, as well as brewed-to-order V60s and Aeropresses. The interest from customers is growing: “We notice that our customers are asking more and more about coffee – where it comes from, the different processing methods, how we make the selection and much more”, says Anne Lunell.

Traceability and quality are both important things to Koppi and something they see as an intrisic part of Nordic coffee culture: an honest approach to coffee.

Photograph supplied by Koppi

Koppi have also been at the forefront of a renewed interest in the combination of coffee and another beverage dear to Nordic people: beer. In early 2011, Koppi and the famous Danish “guest” brewers Mikkeller launched a Coffee IPA. Anne explains:

The Mikkeller & Koppi Coffee IPA goes a long way back. We met in April 2009 on a “beer makers dinner” featuring Mikkellers beers. He came to Koppi during the day and tried a bunch of coffees and was totally stoked. Especially the Aricha #17 (A sun dried Ethiopian coffee with very recognizable strawberry and citrus aromas -ed.) made a big impression. Our explanation of the coffee was that you could find strong notes of Cascade Hops together with strawberries and floral notes. It really struck him that the taste and smell in the Aricha had some strong similarities with beer/hops.

After the dinner and a lot of beers later we were in deep conversation about the beer and coffee industry. Charles and I mentioned that we would like to make a “light” coffee flavored beer more like and IPA or Pale Ale. A lot of people have been combining coffee and beer but it had always been in dark beers like stouts and porters but never in an IPA like we suggested. Mikkel wanted to be the first one to go down that road together with us.

After quite a few meetings and tastings where we matched single hops with different coffees we decided on the Tomahawk hops and the Guji Natural.

In November 2010 we went down to Ghent in Belgium and brewed the beer and coffee at De Proef brewery. 10.000 liters of beer and 350 liters of filterbrewed Guji. The beer was released the first week in January 2011.

Visit Koppi at www.koppi.se

Photographs taken by Anders Valde

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