Liebling, Oslo

Liebling, Oslo

By Chris Kolbu

Liebling is not like any other café in Oslo. Tucked away in Grünerløkka, it manages to be eclectic, quirky and inviting all at the same time.

Inspired by everything from Berlin cafées, general stores of old to the ubiquitous TV German show Derrick, Ola Refsnes and Katrin Schauer have created something that is many things, but most of all uniquely itself.

Liebling is german for darling or favourite; many of its regulars no doubt feel that way about the café.

According to Ola, the aim was to create a place the two felt Oslo was in dire need of: an informal, laid-back space with an emphasis on good coffee and food; a place you could sit and enjoy your breakfast regardless of what time of day it was.

Though Ola admits the scope of Liebling is large – an extensive menu, coffee and a store, all in the same place – he says their employees manage to pull it off every single day.

Coffee at Liebling is brewed on a batch brewer, never allowed to sit for more than an hour. The coffee is delivered by the local duo (and Kaffa alumni) Joar and Magnus – The Supreme Roastworks – who deliver their coffee freshly roasted twice a week.

As an homage to Derrick, the Liebling menu offers a so-called Harry Klein combo, named for Inspector Derrick’s deputy and sidekick. It consists of one cup of black coffee (with free refills), one paracetamol, and four songs on the jukebox.


The Liebling crew are very involved with their friends and regulars, as can be witness by their facebook page.

Liebling is open from Monday through Sunday, 10:00-20:00.

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