Nordic Approach on Producing Quality in Rwanda

Nordic Approach on Producing Quality in Rwanda

By Chris Kolbu

Nordic Approach is a forward thinking Norwegian company that specialises in sourcing and importing coffee for smaller, quality-driven coffee roasters around the world. Founded by Tim Wendelboe and Morten Wennersgaard (ex-Solberg & Hansen), Nordic Approach has quickly garnered a reputation for sourcing some of the best coffee available, and for exploring regions off the beaten path.

They recently published a video showing the amount of work—most of it manual labour—that goes into processing and sorting a high quality coffee. It’s a small wonder coffee of this quality is as affordable as it is.

The film is recorded at Motherland Farmers Coffee Washing Station in the Nyamagabe district in Southern Rwanda, and at the Rwanda Trading Company dry mill in the capitol Kigali.

We are shareholders and are managing quality on this washing station, and this gives us unique opportunities to experiment on agricultural practices, processing and to share our knowledge with all the other producers we work with worldwide.

That being said, the processing techniques and concepts we see in this film are not specific to this single washing station only, but represent a general idea of how we work with the concepts of cherry selection, wet milling, grading, hand sorting, drying, lot separation, and cupping. Working long-term with cooperatives, associations, and farmers enables us to do increased lot separation and more selective buying. Through the premiums we pay every year, the farmer is able to invest and fine-tune quality, and we are able to access increasingly good coffee year after year.

More information about Nordic Approach and their coffees.

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