Online Coffee TV Series with Tim Wendelboe

Online Coffee TV Series with Tim Wendelboe

By Chris Kolbu

Perhaps taking a cue from Netflix, has decided to release its 12-part web series on coffee, produced by Bryng Film, in one fell swoop! So strap in and spend some time being enjoying it all. For those of you who don’t understand Norwegian but would like to watch, we’ve translated the titles of each episode.

As part of this launch, Wilfa and Aftenposten are also having a quiz contest where you could win Wilfa’s top coffee brewer, the Svart Presisjon!

1/12: What You Should Expect From a Coffee Brewer

2/12: Equipment Guide for Espresso Lovers

3/12: Taste Your Way to Your Favourite Coffee

4/12: Grind Level, Bloom and Extraction

5/12: Learn How to Brew a Professional-Grade Espresso

6/12: World-Class Cappuccino and Latte

7/12: From Barista to Bartender

8/12: Latte Art: Learn How to Make Art in a Cup

9/12: Join Tim at His Colombian Coffee Farm

10/12: Behind Good Coffee Lies Exhaustive Research

11/12: Coffee’s Last Stop Before it Leaves for Norway

12/12: The Endangered Coffee Plant

The series is, of course, available through

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