Birdwatching at Oslo’s Legendary Coffee Bar Java

Piip Show

Hot on the heels of the improbable success of its particular brand of slow TV, featuring veritable adrenaline rushes like real-time train rides and boat trips, not to mention live knitting, the Norwegian state channel, NRK, has launched the evocatively titled Piip-Show. There, you can sit and watch as birds stop by a facsimile of Oslo’s Java coffee bar to enjoy a seed or two. More »

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Explorers of Nordic Cafe Culture, Takk

Sam and Corey are currently travelling around the Nordic countries on a mission to explore Nordic café culture and to eventually publish a book about the project. We wrote about Takk when the project was being funded on Kickstarter. Kalle Freese caught up with the two of them in Helsinki to have a chat about them, Takk and Nordic coffee culture. More »

Nordic Barista Cup on Hiatus, Will Return in New Format


Growing from humble beginnings as a friendly competition between the top baristas of the Nordic countries into a truly international knowledge-based event, the Nordic Barista Cup has been on the calendar (or to-do list) of every serious coffee professional in the world these last years. In 2014, however, feeling that the current format had ran its course, the organising committee will spend the time they would normally use putting together another NBC to rethink the format into something that can continue to grow and expand in the future. More »

Online Coffee TV Series with Tim Wendelboe

Still from the Bryng Film APKaffe videos

Perhaps taking a cue from Netflix, has decided to release its 12-part web series on coffee, produced by Bryng Film, in one fell swoop! So strap in and spend some time being enjoying it all. For those of you who don’t understand Norwegian but would like to watch, we’ve translated the titles of each episode. More »

Tim Wendelboe and Aftenposten’s Web-TV series about Coffee


On Friday the 28th, Aftenposten, a venerable Norwegian newspaper and Tim Wendelboe will launch an ambitious 12-part Web-TV series about coffee. Though it is in Norwegian, we’re excited to see where Tim will take us through the course of the series.

There is a teaser online now, covering the very basics of brewing and giving an intro to what we can expect from the series. Check it out at

A Bit of Nordic Coffee in New York: Búðin


Offering Nordic design articles and craft beer, but primarily coffee, is Búðin—Icelandic for Shops—located in Greenpoint. With Koppi and Tim Wendelboe on a permanent roster in addition to an admirably wide selection of 14 other Nordic roasteries, it isn’t a stretch to call this place an outpost of sorts for the type of coffee we enjoy at home. More »