The 2013 Nordic Barista Cup: Service, Science and Sustainability


From the 5th through the 7th of September, a few hundred coffee people will gather at Mathallen, Oslo’s newest food hall. The Nordic Barista Cup started out as an informal competition between the respective national barista teams of the Nordic countries, but has, since its inception in 2003 transformed itself into one of the best global symposiums on all aspects of cutting edge coffee and related hospitality, with speakers and attendees from all backgrounds and nations. More »

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Notes on the Nordic Coffee Culture: the Social Aspect

For a year now, we have been looking at what constitutes a Nordic coffee culture. Both in terms of concrete history and traditions, but more importantly also the more intangible sense of place coffee enjoys in our lives. More »

A bit of Coffee History in Kristiansund, Norway


For more than ten years, the Nordmøre Museum in Kristiansund have been offering a piece of Norwegian coffee history in their museum café. More »

Tim Wendelboe on What Makes a Great Cup of Coffee

As part of the ongoing series of Creative Mornings the world over, MESH in Oslo had Tim Wendelboe over for a breakfast chat on How to Make a Great Cup of Coffee. Tim starts at the beginning—the very beginning—detailing the extensive, hard and exacting work that goes into building and maintaining the potential of the coffee from the moment the seed is planted to the point where you—the consumer—probably have a finished brew cooling off. As you’ll quickly realise, the vast, vast majority of the work is done before it even hits our shores. As a whole, it’s a very good insight into the process, attention to detail and timescales required on the sharp end of the coffee industry.

World of Coffee 2013, Nice

View of Nice

The 2013 World of Coffee event just wrapped up in the lovely city of Nice, located on the French Riviera. While the Barista and Coffee Brewing championships were held in Melbourne, Australia a month ago, Nice played host to the four remaining: Cup Tasting, Coffee in Good Spirits, Latte Art, and—new this year—Coffee Roasting. More »

The 2013 World Barista Championship, Melbourne

World Barista Championship 2013

Late May, Melbourne played host to MICE–The Melbourne International Coffee Expo–one of the larger coffee expos this year. Held in conjunction with MICE, the World Barista Championship saw 51 champions from across the world showcase different approaches to coffee, with a few notably innovative approaches. More »