Perfect Partners: Coffee and Napping

Perfect Partners: Coffee and Napping

By Chris Kolbu

While the two might seem like opposites at first, they really aren’t at all! After all, people often drink one or take the other with the aim of becoming more alert or productive. If you time it right, it turns out there’s a way to combine the two—and it’s dead simple.

For many, having an espresso is associated with an instant hit of caffeine, but the truth is that caffeine takes around twenty minutes to take hold—the effect is at first only psychological, stimulated perhaps by the intense flavours of the coffee, but soon becomes real.

This article from Vox suggests using those 20 minutes to nap, allowing you to reap the benefits of both in one hit. It is an interesting read that goes through the science behind caffeine absorption and napping.

After all, why have one or the other, when you can have both?

Photo source: Flickr

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