Stockfleths, Oslo

Stockfleths, Oslo

By Chris Kolbu

While founded in 1895, it was only in the 1990s that Stockfleths was transformed into a modern coffee shop. Since then, it has grown into a chain of seven coffee shops dotted around downtown Oslo and its surrounding areas.

Of all coffee shops in Norway, Stockfleths has what is perhaps the most impressive competition pedigree: three Norwegian Barista Champions (Tim Wendelboe, Eirik S. Johnsen and Einar K. Holthe) as well as too many competing baristas to mention. In many ways, Stockfleths forms the backbone of the Norwegian specialty coffee community, and has often played host to the competitions and qualifying rounds themselves. The baristas of Stockfleths are trained very well and are some of the most passionate in Norway.

Stockfleths is partly owned by Solberg & Hansen, Norway’s largest specialty coffee roaster. Many of the people at S&H were pivotal in establishing the barista competitions and their format; S&H is also the 2011 winner of the Nordic Roaster award. Because of this close relationship, Stockfleths enjoys almost unparalleled access to some of the best coffees in the world, and will always be able to offer a large selection of coffees.

Both Stockfleths and S&H are very concerned with seasonality and Direct Trade: “Coffee […] is a seasonal product and the harvest will vary from country to country and continent to continent. Flavours will vary from year to year and from valley to valley. The diversity is enormous, and quality unique. […] It is important for us to know what type of plant, where it comes from, who grew it and how it has been treated throughout the entire process from bean to cup. We feel the best way to accomplish this is to communicate the product from the farmer to our customers as directly as possible. This is called Direct Trade.”

Black coffee at Stockfleths is priced reasonably and normally served brewed on a Bunn filter brewer. More limited coffees are sometimes sold as a Hario V60 or using other methods – be sure to ask your barista!

To see their locations, have a look at our coffee map.

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