Supreme Roastworks, Oslo

Supreme Roastworks, Oslo

By Chris Kolbu

At the start of 2013, Joar and Magnus, the accomplished coffee roasters behind Oslo micro roastery Supreme Roastworks finally opened the doors of their own coffee shop, right in Oslo’s Grünerløkka.

With poured concrete counter tops, a light colour palette and an eclectic selection of stools and tables, the SRW shop manages to echo the whitewashed sparseness of their Torshov garage-cum-roastery, while at the same time being inviting—which has everything to do with the enthusiasm and good humour of Magnus and Odd-Steinar, an old friend and new addition to the team.

Since 2007, when they struck out on their own after long stints as roasters for Kaffa, the Supreme Roastworks duo has built quite a name for themselves.


With a wider interest in naturally processed coffees than most other Norwegian roasteries, you’re bound to find the kind of bombastic fruitiness that is becoming increasingly rare in Oslo.

Perhaps unique for Supreme Roastworks is their philosophy of one roast level for each coffee—regardless of brewing method.


Their website has a very simple mission statement, if it can even be called that: No fuss, just good coffee — and that’s just what you’ll get here, brewed on a Hario V60 and available in two sizes. Whatever coffees they can offer, they will offer, so you’re bound to have the best best selection of SRW coffees anywhere.

SRW also do espresso blends named after the elements: Earth, Fire and Air, that are served on rotation and brewed on their La Marzocco Strada.

For more information on Supreme Roastworks, check out their website or Facebook page.

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