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Maxed Out: A Closer Look at Coffee Consumption in Finland


The statistics are presented at every opportunity: Finns are the people with the highest consumption of coffee in the world, […]

Where Does Coffee Come From?


Bizbrain and Nowsourcing have collaborated on a lovely microsite/presentation charting the route coffee takes from the time it is sown to […]

Online Coffee TV Series with Tim Wendelboe

Still from the Bryng Film APKaffe videos

Perhaps taking a cue from Netflix, has decided to release its 12-part web series on coffee, produced by Bryng […]

Tim Wendelboe and Aftenposten’s Web-TV series about Coffee


On Friday the 28th, Aftenposten, a venerable Norwegian newspaper and Tim Wendelboe will launch an ambitious 12-part Web-TV series about […]

A History of Coffee in Norway, Part Five

Beans and Green

In this series of articles, we’ll be taking a trip through Norwegian history as it pertains to coffee, stopping here […]