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Winner of the #wilfakaffe Competition

Photo by Isabell Karlsen

And new owner of a Wilfa Svart Presisjon is Isabell Karlsen (@sebmarben on Instagram)! Congratulations!

World of Coffee 2013, Nice

View of Nice

The 2013 World of Coffee event just wrapped up in the lovely city of Nice, located on the French Riviera. […]

Kaffefest 2013

The 4-6th of April saw the 2013 barista, cup tasting, brewing, latte art and coffee and spirits championships take place […]

Competition: Instagram Your Mug!

A Cup of Coffee

A coffee cup can tell a lot about the person using it. Do you prefer a thick porcelain cup so […]

The 2012 Nordic Barista Cup: Competition

Kalle Freese at NBC

These days, the NBC might be best known for its seminars and talks given by luminaries in coffee or related […]