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Democratic Coffee, Copenhagen

Democratic Coffee, CPH

While visiting Copenhagen, there are several places to have great coffee and try a delightful sampling of Scandinavia’s finest roasters. […]

Sigfreds Kaffebar, Aarhus

Sigfreds Kaffebar

Having been voted the best coffee bars in Aarhus every year since 2007, Thomas Sigfred’s self-titled coffee shops are a […]

Black Coffee in Denmark

Klaus Thomsen

Coffee in Denmark has for a long time been synonymous with large quantities of filter coffee. There was practically not […]

The 2011 Nordic Barista Cup Winners

Photo courtesy of Wilfa

After three intensive days of seminars, cuppings, competitions and social events, the winners of the Nordic Barista Cup and Nordic […]

The Nordic Barista Cup: An Overview

Photo taken from the officla NBC flickr

What originally started as a lighthearted contest between the barista teams of Denmark and Norway, has since 2003 gradually grown […]