The 2013 Nordic Barista Cup: Service, Science and Sustainability

The 2013 Nordic Barista Cup: Service, Science and Sustainability

By Chris Kolbu

From the 5th through the 7th of September, a few hundred coffee people will gather at Mathallen, Oslo’s newest food hall. The Nordic Barista Cup started out as an informal competition between the respective national barista teams of the Nordic countries, but has, since its inception in 2003 transformed itself into one of the best global symposiums on all aspects of cutting edge coffee and related hospitality, with speakers and attendees from all backgrounds and nations.

We’ve covered the Nordic Barista Cup before—you can read about it here. The teams and the competition are still very much a part of the NBC, with each country fielding three people, normally a combination of winners of the various national coffee competitions put on every year.

Good news for those of you in Oslo: a few of the competitions will held open to the public, in the “main square” of Mathallen. Be around on Thursday 5th at 14:00 and Saturday 7th between 10-14:00! There will also be coffee available for you to try, with a brew bar staffed by one of the teams open at various times throughout the NBC. Read more about the competition format here.

The prestigious Nordic Roaster competition is back again as well, with a number of Nordic roasteries submitting a filter and espresso roast for all the NBC attendees to cup and rate. It offers both a good way for the attendees to gauge the quality of coffee coming out of the Nordic countries, and for the roasters to showcase their coffees.

David Walsh

This years’ themes are Service, Science and Sustainability, with each of the three days being devoted to one of them. While the NBC tickets are sold out by now, all talks from recent years have been uploaded very quickly and are available to watch on the official NBC YouTube channel. We don’t expect this to change this year, so keep your eyes peeled on the official NBC Twitter account to stay updated as the talks go up—@NordicBaristaCu.

Brazil is the 2013 focus country. What that means is there will be a focus on Brazilian coffee, speakers from Brazil, a Brazilian team mate for each of the national teams and a charity project to support a Brazilian project. This year, that project is to support the APAE, a Minas Gerais-based project aiming to better the lives of disabled people in the area, which relies heavily on coffee farming. Read more about the project here.

Photographs taken from and the Nordic Barista Cup official flickr account.

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