The Quest to Discover Nordic Coffee Culture

The Quest to Discover Nordic Coffee Culture

By Chris Kolbu

The people of the Nordic countries have a passionate, deeply rooted relationship with coffee. So deeply rooted, in fact, that it is rarely spoken about, and rarer still, given serious thought. It is accepted as a matter of course, a part of the cultural fabric, and – in a more narrow sense – a culture unto itself.

And what is culture if not a collection of habits and routines? Things we do often; things we do together. Things we agree on. And while coffee culture is, perhaps, seen as static and unchanging, it is informed by and informs other parts of our culture in ways that are subtle but definitely not unchanging.

Today, the Nordic countries have what is arguably the world’s most exciting coffee scene: specialty roasters and establishments are constantly working to improve quality, both at origin and at home; consumption is increasing in all markets; rather than literally growing stale, coffee is as fresh and desirable as ever.

What is it about coffee that made the Nordic countries embrace it as quickly and as completely as they did? Why is it that the Nordic countries are at the top of coffee consumption rankings year after year? Are there overarching themes that unite the coffee cultures of Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark?

Nordic Coffee Culture are bringing together some of the finest people in the Nordic coffee industry to write about what they know best, exploring all aspects of coffee. The aim is simply put to paint a picture of how coffee is consumed, received and related to in the Nordic countries today: to discover, describe and understand Nordic Coffee Culture.

In addition to these explorations, we are putting together a comprehensive directory of the most forward thinking and quality oriented coffee shops and roasteries in the Nordic countries – places roasting and preparing some of the best coffee in the world.

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