The Wilfa Pour Over

The Wilfa Pour Over

By Chris Kolbu

At the World of Coffee Nordic event in Gothenburg last month, Wilfa unveiled a new addition to their Svart line of coffee products, again showing their trademark attention to detail and willingness to push what are considered “simple” products further. The Wilfa Pour Over is perfect for when you can’t bring along a full brewing setup, and offers much more than what’s normally expected from a product in this class. Pour over doesn’t “just” have to be a funnel.

Delightful details

Capitalising on features developed for its larger siblings in the Svart family, the Pour Over has two major points of difference compared to similar products: heat insulation through its innovative double-walled design, and a flow control aperture allowing you greater control of the brewing process and amount of coffee you can effectively brew in one go.

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Heat insulation is important for the brewing process in that it will keep your water within the optimal extraction temperature range for as long as possible; other products made from glass or porcelain will effectively drain heat from the water and coffee as it is extracting, lowering the temperature much faster than desired.

The other advantages the Pour Over has over glass or porcelain is that it is both lighter and much more resilient to damage, flexing rather than breaking.

The Pour Over comes in a variety of bright colours and has a beautiful finish. It is as much at home in your kitchen as it is in your backpack while out hiking.

The Wilfa Pour Over is available in select markets now.

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