Tumi Ferrer is an Icelandic barista that started working for Kaffitár in 2006. He has won a few Icelandic championships: the Cup Tasters Championship twice, as well as the 2011 Icelandic Barista Championship, placing 19th in the World Championship, held in Bogotá. In addition, he was a part of the Icelandic team in the Nordic Barista Cup 2008-2011. Due to his young age, Tumi has mostly worked part-time in addition to studies, but he has nevertheless been involved in or managed several projects for Kaffitár, including both quality control in cafés as well as training. He has had coffee related articles published in the Icelandic food magazine Gestgjafinn. He has also donated much of his time to Kaffibarþjónafélag Íslands (the Icelandic chapter of SCAE) in many tasks, such as planning competitions, judging, PR, workshops and lectures.

With the aim of getting a new perspective on service and taking a closer look on restaurant coffee, Tumi began working for DILL Restaurant in September 2011, which recently has been nominated for The Nordic Prize for the third consecutive year. His hope is being able to help other restaurants step up their coffee game.

Tumi blogs on coffeeprose.blogspot.com and you can follow him on Twitter @TumiFerrer.