Uncompromising Simplicity: The Wilfa Svart Presisjon

Uncompromising Simplicity: The Wilfa Svart Presisjon

By Chris Kolbu

The automatic filter brewer is the cornerstone – and unsung hero – of the Nordic coffee culture. Of the untold millions of cups of coffee that are brewed every year, the vast, vast majority is brewed with an automatic filter brewer. Inspired by the recent renaissance of black coffee, Wilfa decided to update and pay homage to this workhorse. By outward appearance, the Svart Presisjon is a beautiful automatic filter brewer. But that’s where the similarities with its predecessors end.

As Simple as Possible, But No Simpler.

Belying the sleek, award-winning exterior of the Svart Presisjon is a myriad of small, often iterative changes and improvements, both of design and underlying technology. Developed in collaboration with Tim Wendelboe, the Svart Presisjon is deceptively simple — and state of the art.

Working in conjunction with a grinder and a scale, the Svart Presisjon is part of a trinity that completes the final, crucial step in a long chain that started far away from us, where coffee cherries grow on trees, and are often harvested and sorted by hand.

Finca Tamana

The Svart Presisjon isn’t magic, and doesn’t presume to be able to work magic on bad coffee. Its role is simply to do the coffee justice, by brewing it the best way the emerging science of coffee extraction has taught us. The star is, and should always be, the coffee itself.

Acknowledging this role, Wilfa sought to make its functionality almost transparent. The press of a button is all it takes to set it in motion. After a second or two, you can hear a soft sound as the precision pump starts to draw water, which is quickly heated to a very specific temperature, controlled by an extremely responsive electronic thermostat.


The coffee then makes its way through insulated tubes before it drips down onto the coffee. The coffee is held in a lidded, double-walled filter holder, which maintains the temperature of the coffee, even as it brews. If you’re making more or less coffee than usual, a robust, adjustable aperture – flow control – on the bottom of the filter holder is easy to set to the appropriate setting.

And after the coffee finally makes it way down into the pot, it is kept at 85c, an optimal temperature for coffee after brewing.

While a lot of work went into making it this simple, that’s the payoff, too. Beautiful while sitting on the kitchen counter, it will silently jump into action when required, becoming a transparent means to an end: no irritation, no waiting for it to warm up. Just a press of a button.


It might feel like abdicating responsibility and control, but what the Presisjon lacks in flexibility, it more than makes up in sheer consistency – and precision. With the Svart Presisjon, it is simple to do your coffee justice. Every single time.

And what is a coffee brewer judged on if not how well it brews coffee?

The photo of coffee cherries being sorted was taken by Tim Wendelboe at Finca Tamana

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