What American Users of the Wilfa Precision are Saying

What American Users of the Wilfa Precision are Saying

By Chris Kolbu

The Wilfa Precision has been available in North America through Williams-Sonoma since August this year, and the reception has been fantastic! Here’s some of what users have been saying.

Great coffee maker , as well as design. the simplicity is what sold me.. Looks great on the counter. —Molly2

Tim Wendelboe Reviews the Wilfa Svart Presisjon

…I decided to go for the best. I like the simplicity and the way the funnel doesn’t have a releases that has to touch carafe to release coffee. Temperature is perfect … It is worth the money. Like your mattress, coffee maker and your job, you go to them everyday. —rrecu73

This machine is as stunning in person as it is in the photographs available on the web. It is very simple to set up and to use. All of the components appear to be of the highest quality–thick glass/plastic, heavy, etc. I think it’s built to last. The removable reservoir that allows you to fill it under the tap is a nice touch. Very convenient. —IowaCoffeeLover

As the resurgence of considerate batch brewing is finding its place in more top coffee shops around the world, the automatic home brewer has also become less of a device to be loathed, and instead is one to be enjoyed on lazy weekends. With the proper technical attributes provided by the latest home brewers, combined with the knowledge of brew ratios and access to better, fresh roasted beans, a quality automatic brewer like this Precision can yield fantastic and consistent results.—Brian W. Jones (Dear Coffee, I Love You)

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