Who Do You Want Your Next Cup to be With?

Who Do You Want Your Next Cup to be With?

By Chris Kolbu

Before Facebook enabled us to stay connected with everyone, all the time — before mobile phones enabled everyone to reach us, all the time — before regular phones even made it possible to be reached — there was a great social facilitator that brought people together: coffee.

The gatherings over a cup or two have been the primary driver behind the fantastic success of coffee. It is, at its roots, a social drink. This is doubly true in the Nordic countries; more so than anywhere else in the world, coffee has played a pivotal role in the way we interact since it was introduced to us more than 300 years ago. Coffee is there with us during events large and small — to be shared, and for us to share with others.


Wherever there are people up here, you’ll find pots of black filter coffee brewing: at home in the morning, at work during the day, and even at night if you’re entertaining.

To celebrate this aspect of coffee and the good times it has given us, Wilfa and Natt&Dag is inviting everyone to invite their friends — any and everyone they would want to share a cup of coffee with — to a cup of free coffee.

Here’s how it works

Invite a friend, lover or date through Facebook, (event page) meet him or her (or them!) there and get treated to a delicious cup of black coffee, free of charge.

At Egertorget in Oslo on Friday the 3rd and Saturday the 4th of May, there will be an open coffee bar from 9am through 4pm. You won’t be able to miss it!

In addition, everyone who shares a coffee those days will be in the running to win a Wilfa Svart Presisjon, the newest and most precise coffee brewer on the market.


This is available to everyone who can make it to Oslo during these dates, so join us for a cup of coffee and the chance to win a Wilfa Svart Presisjon!

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