Wilfa and Nordic Coffee Culture at Mathallen, September 5th-8th

Wilfa and Nordic Coffee Culture at Mathallen, September 5th-8th

By Chris Kolbu

In conjunction with and support of the 2013 Nordic Barista Cup, Wilfa and Nordic Coffee Culture will be in Mathallen offering up delicious filter brewed coffee to anyone that wants to share a cup of coffee with a friend or loved one. This offer is open to everyone that can make it to Oslo! All you have to do is invite a friend and you will both be offered a beautiful cup of coffee from world leaders Solberg & Hansen and Tim Wendelboe, brewed on the Wilfa Svart Presisjon.

The event at Egertorget in Oslo this last May was a great success, so we feel a repeat is due—besides, who doesn’t like to get together over a coffee?

Before Facebook enabled us to stay connected with everyone, all the time—before mobile phones enabled everyone to reach us, all the time—before regular phones even made it possible to be reached—there was a great social facilitator that brought people together: coffee.

The gatherings over a cup or two have been the primary driver behind the fantastic success of coffee. It is, at its roots, a social drink. This is doubly true in the Nordic countries; more so than anywhere else in the world, coffee has played a pivotal role in the way we interact since it was introduced to us more than 300 years ago. Coffee is there with us during events large and small—to be shared, and for us to share with others.

The guiding ethos of the Nordic Barista Cup has always been Be together, act together, learn together. To push coffee forward, not only as a beverage, but as an agricultural product and as an industry. It’s unafraid to question established truths or seek out answers in new and—seemingly—unrelated places.

This year, the Wilfa Svart Presisjon will be part of the competition for the national barista teams. With Service being one of this years’ themes, the teams will be judged frequently on their bar service. In each of the brew bars set up—one of which is open to the public in Mathallen!—the teams will be offering filter coffee and espresso.

Wilfa Svart Presisjon

Everyone that meets up for a coffee at the Wilfa/NCC stand in Mathallen will also be offered a great deal on the Svart Presisjon (details to be announced!)

We’ll see you there! Click here to invite someone now.

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