Wilfa Svart Presisjon at the 2013 Nordic Barista Cup

Wilfa Svart Presisjon at the 2013 Nordic Barista Cup

By Chris Kolbu

During the Nordic Barista Cup this year, Wilfa’s newest coffee brewer, the Svart Presisjon was made available to each of the national teams for use in the coffee bars that formed the basis of the barista competition.

Be together, Act together, Learn together has been the guiding principle of the NBC since its start in 2003. The event itself is kept deliberately small in order to facilitate an intensely social three days where ideas and experiences can bounce off each other at every turn.

This socially creative aspect of the Nordic Barista Cup reinforces the idea of coffee as a social facilitator—a social medium, in a way—that brings people together. What better way to learn about and discuss coffee than accompanied by some of the best coffee in the world, prepared by some of the best baristas in the world on some of the most cutting edge brewing equipment in the world? We sure can’t think of one!

Wilfa Svart Presisjon

Wilfa and their SVART series of coffee products have been part of this immersive coffee environment for years, and this year the Wilfa Svart Presisjon was offered up: what and how would the best baristas in the Nordic countries brew with this state of the art brewer? What could be learned?

A sense of play is essential to creativity, and play is perhaps the best way to describe what the baristas did, blending together elements and physical components of different brewing methods.


Swedish barista team member and national Cup Tasting champion Tobias Palm of Johan & Nyström used the WSP as a water delivery system to experiment with a Chemex, making use of the temperature stability and simplicity to brew a more hands-off version. Tobias was curious as to what the somewhat thicker filter used for the Chemex would accomplish.


Nicolai Aunbakk of S&H Mathallen, Norway’s Cup Tasting champion and 4th in the world added his own tweaks taken from the world of hand brewing to the Svart Presisjon: blooming and stirring.

Nicolai’s recipe

Using 60 grams of coffee to 1L of water, he overfills the water container by a bit. Starting the brewing process with only a rinsed filter in the filter holder, he runs water through the WSP until it reaches the 1L mark, discarding afterwards.

After adding coffee but efore starting the actual brewing process, he closes the flow control aperture on the filter holder.

Letting water run for 25 seconds before stopping temporarily, he lets the coffee bloom—preinfuse and release co2—in the closed filter holder, stirring to evenly wet the grounds.

Starting the brewing process again at the 55 second mark for a 30 second preinfusion, he opens the flow control back up and lets the brewing continue.

Finally, at the 90 second mark, he stirs the grounds again in the now almost full filter holder to sink the remaining floating coffee grounds. The entire brewing process should take around 6 minutes from start to finish. See video here.


The social nature of coffee in the Nordic countries is the foundation of the coffee culture up here and the very reason it has grown to become a ubiquitous part of everyday life. As a part of this tradition, Wilfa was also present at the public face of the NBC, offering coffee brewed on the Svart Presisjon to the people at Mathallen. Aiming to bring people together around a cup of coffee, Wilfa has arranged several Kaffeprat events, where you are encouraged to invite a friend for a chat over a warm cup of coffee, no strings attached.

Everything good in life is worth sharing, and so it goes with coffee—professionals and amateurs alike.


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