Your Favourite Coffee Memory: Filip Rehnström, Sweden

Your Favourite Coffee Memory: Filip Rehnström, Sweden

By Chris Kolbu

Our third contest winner, Filip Rehnström, works as a barista trainer in Malmö. He won a Wilfa Malt grinder. To say Filip is passionate about coffee would be an understatement!

It was early spring 2010. I had just begun to read about coffee andd what it could be like. At the time, people were writing a lot about the Aeropress. When I was reading about it I found an interest in how it could extract flavours, and the cleanness of it. I had never had experience with anything like that before.

I took my bike and biked to the shop that sold this coffee maker here in Malmö. On the way, the police stopped me on the bike because I missed a stop sign and I had to pay a ticket that was twice as much as the Aeropress cost.

First, I was pissed off and not in the mood for a new coffee maker. But in that anger I took my bike and bought it anyway. The guy at the shop recommended some Ethiopian Idido Misty Valley to go with it.

I got home, sat on my balcony and made my first Aeropress with the Misty Valley coffee. I sat smiling in the sunlight as the day went by.

That is my best coffee memory.

What does Nordic coffee culture mean to you?

I love to talk to people, about coffee, about music and about everything. Here in the southern part of Sweden, we have many coffee shops where you could do that, the Barista reminds what you like after just one visit and you always feel like home at the coffee shops. The best example i have of what Nordic coffee culture is was when i visited one of my favorite coffee shops, koppi, last summer. It wasn’t my first visit but it was the first time had time to sit there for a couple of hours. We didn’t need to introduce our self, my and my company just sat down at the bar and drank coffee until they closed. The conversation never stopped. That is Nordic coffee culture to me, conversation and coffee for several of hours.

What sort of coffee do you prefer?

I still drink Ethiopian coffees, Ethiopia was the eye-opener for me so coffee from Ethiopia is really special to me. Last Year, the coffee that came from Kenya was really good and I also like coffee from Panama, Rwanda and Honduras. I have a rule: if the coffee reminds me of tea I will probably like it.

How do you brew your coffee? Still Aeropress?

Since I love to brew coffee at home I bought a lot of brewing equipment, Chemex, Hario v60, Clever, presspot and so on. I prefer to try the coffee I have at home at any given time in different brewers to see how the flavours change and which brewer is most suitable for that coffee. For the moment I brew aeropress if do it for myself. If I have company, the Chemex is very good for several servings.

How important is coffee to your everyday life?

Coffee is a big thing in my life, I love going to coffee shops to drink coffee and talk to the baristas. Try new flavors and talk about grinding, origin and brew methods. Or just talk some shit about nothing with the people at the coffee shop.

For work I train new baristas for one of the big coffee chains here in Sweden, so one of the biggest things in my work is how I can inspire and open people’s eyes to how fun, tasty and interesting coffee can be. So its my work and my hobby.

When do you normally drink coffee?

At home its normally in the morning, and on the weekends I love to brew a big pot of coffee with my girlfriend and have a long förmiddagsfika / Elva kaffe (am coffee, coffee at eleven? don’t know how to describe it in English!).

Since I love going to the coffee shops I like and meet the people I know, coffee can be drunk at any time of the day – but I am glad that most of the coffee shops close at 6 otherwise i wouldn’t sleep at all!

Thank you!

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