Your Favourite Coffee Memory: Geir Gåsodden, Norway

Your Favourite Coffee Memory: Geir Gåsodden, Norway

By Chris Kolbu

The first of our contest winners is Geir Gåsodden, who won a Wilfa Malt grinder. We caught up with Geir to ask him a few questions about his relationship with coffee.

Today, Geir is a passionate coffee hobbyist – he was one of the first people to talk about the Wilfa Svart Manuell online (2) – and has a lot of experience with coffee and coffee brewing. His favourite coffee memory on the other hand, is not what you would expect!

It’s the early 90s. I’m sat in a run-down café somewhere in Telemark. I’m not alone. There’s a girl. She doesn’t drink coffee. Says she doesn’t like it. She’s lovely anyway.

We’re not boyfriend and girlfriend. We just enjoy each others company.

The first cup is 15 kroner. Refills are 5. By the time they bring me my fourth refill, they just leave the pot. It’s good for another three cups.

The coffee is far from being good. Still, I keep using “I haven’t finished my coffee yet” as an excuse to stay. Eventually, the café closes for the night. We go our separate ways.

It’s raining. I’m feeling sick from all the bad coffee, but I’m smiling like an idiot. I realise then that I’m in love.

Geir, what sort of coffee do you prefer?

I always purchase freshly roasted whole beans. As far as origins go, I’m pretty much an omnivore. These days, I have coffee subscriptions from Has Bean Coffee and Square Mile Coffee, but often order online from roasteries offering that option. Kaffa, Supreme Roastworks and Tim Wendelboe are some of my current favourites. If I stop by a shop selling them, I more often than not pick up a bag or two from Solberg & Hansen.

I also prefer coffee that is good in other ways than just flavour: fairness, transparency and sustainability make for coffee that both tastes and feels good.

How do you brew your coffee?

I have an arsenal of brewing equipment! Chemex, Hario V60, Aeropress, Clever Coffee Dripper, Kalita Wave, Zero Handbrewer, French presses, Moka pots and lately also the new Wilfa Svart Manuell. At home, my current favourite is the Chemex. At work I prefer the Aeropress.

How important is coffee to your everyday life?

Coffee is my most consuming hobby by far and occupies most of my spare time. I taste as much coffee as I can, brew as much as I can and if I can spare the time, I’ll even try my hand at roasting. I realise that coffee isn’t the most substantial of hobbies, but I’m passionate about it.

When do you normally drink coffee?

-Whenever I can!

When asked about what Nordic coffee culture represents to him, Geir wrote the following:

The Nordic coffee culture is diverse: it stands out both with regard to quality and quantity.

We have hordes of more or less badly brewed coffee being consumed at home and at work.

We have traditional coffee pots everywhere: on open fires, in houses, in cabins and in Michelin-starred restaurants.

We have world-class roasteries and coffee ambassadors, willingly sharing their knowledge with customers, each other and with the world.

To me, the amazing quality of our coffee is the most important aspect, and I do my best to make sure as many people as possible can enjoy it.


Geir blogs about coffee in Norwegian on and is on twitter as @zrrrzzt.

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