Your Favourite Coffee Memory: Hrafn Þorvaldsson

Your Favourite Coffee Memory: Hrafn Þorvaldsson

By Chris Kolbu

Our last contest winner is Hrafn Thorvaldsson, a university student from Hafnarfjordur, Iceland. He is the lucky winner of a Wilfa Svart Manuell and a Malt grinder!

My favorite memories involving coffee are those involving my father and his daily coffee brewing which I’d watch as a child. He only made drip brew, or filtered coffee, and always used the same red iron coffee pot that my parents had bought when they first moved in together in the 60’s. To him coffee wasn’t something you rushed to make, you always took as long as needed to make the best cup possible with what you had. He always took great pride in his coffee making. And when the kitchen started slowly filling up with those wonderful aromas the rest of the family usually joined us in the kitchen, often taking a break from studying or working and sitting down and having a hot cup of coffee. I rarely saw my father as happy as when he was making coffee with his family around and I honestly treasure more the memories of learning how to make good coffee from my dad in those early years, than when he taught me to shave for the first time.

What are your views on the Nordic coffee culture?
To me the Nordic coffee culture, as I’ve experienced it, is in essence drinking and making coffee as a social activity with ones friends and family and even people you have never met before, and really taking the time to enjoy both the brew and the company.

What kind of coffee do you prefer?
I usually buy my coffee in the supermarket and only buy the products from local roasters, I find them to be way better than other ‘imported’ brands. But when I want to really treat myself I go for a bag of Selebes Kalossi [Indonesian Sulawesi. -ed] from a local roastery. The flavors are phenomenal.

How do you brew your coffee?
I brew most of my coffee drip style, but I’ve started to use a Moka pot from time to time and I must confess, as much as I love drip coffee that Moka pot is winning me over.

How important is coffee to you?
Coffee is a big part of my daily routine. I can never really start the day without a cup, and try to always make time to really enjoy my first cup of the day.

When do you normally drink coffee?
There really isn’t a time in the day where I specifically have coffee, it usually depends on the company I’m keeping. For instance during work hours with those I work with or at a coffee house with my friends in the evening. But I always have a cup, or two, in the morning. It’s like a ritual.

Thank you!

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