Your Favourite Coffee Memory: Jens Emil Asp, Norway

Your Favourite Coffee Memory: Jens Emil Asp, Norway

By Chris Kolbu

Our second winner Jens’ favourite coffee memory won him a Wilfa Svart Manuell! A typical student, Jens is a big coffee drinker.

2009 was a busy year for me. I began the year moving to South Africa for a three-month stay. Every day there was great, with good coffee, surfing several times a day and new, unique friendships. After South Africa followed three months in Uganda, with bad coffee, bad surfing and worse food.

On arriving back in Oslo, the city I grew up in, I am told by two friends to meet them on the wall of the historical Akershus castle at dawn the next day. My friends had planned a glorious start to the day: as we were watching the sun rising and the streets waking up, one of them brought out a small packed lunch of fruits, the other a thermos of my then-current favourite coffee.

After lots of different coffee in both South Africa and Uganda, it felt great and comforting to be drinking good black coffee from a thermos cup while half of Oslo was still asleep.

Jens, what sort of coffee do you prefer?

As a normal student with an insatiable appetite for coffee and nowhere near enough money to match it, I buy the Friele Evergood family pack. My favourite coffee, though, is the Ndumberi, Kenya from Tim Wendelboe.

How do you brew your coffee?

I buy pre-ground and just plop it into the brewer. Perhaps not particularly impressive to a connoisseur, but it’s the truth – and I think it tastes good.

When I want to serve the very best, like when I’m entertaining guests, I’ve been known to run across the street and get some coffee at Tim Wendelboe‘s, serving it up without explanation. It’s kind of like taking credit for something that isn’t yours, but if they were to ask, I’d tell them that I have the best coffee in the world just outside my door.

How important is coffee to you?

Coffee is a strong #5, after food, drink, social relations and social activities.

Thank you, and congratulations!

The photograph of Akershus Castle taken by flickr user LarsT is used under the Creative Commons License.

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